Bahamas Yacht Charter Experience

Paradise Island

Private beaches, the Atlantis resort, casinos, aquatic adventures and so much more, encompass the Paradise Island. While it brings a busy city life, it also has the lure of being a tropical utopia. This “paradise” is 685 acres of pure euphoria. It is unique in bringing the experience you desire. Whether you want to lounge at the resort or discover new activities to keep you busy each minute, Paradise has it all. 

Harbour Island

Long stretches of pink sand beaches, surrounding reefs of turtle and stingray colonies, sunshine envelopes the exquisite island. At the center, is the main hub: Dunmore Town, featuring pastel painted houses dating back to the 1700s. The atmosphere seems to combine Hawaii lifestyle and New England architecture. The colorful hues bring a sense of commonality to the island, and breathes a sight of delicate radiance. Explore the resort life, enjoy a fishing trip, or taste the local cuisine from one of the most luxurious restaurants this charming island has to offer.





Over a larger stretch of the Bahamas contains the island of Eleuthra, where privacy meets perfection. The cerulean water rushes to shore where tide pools, and small reefs gather. French Leave Beach is one of the more popular beaches, stretching out with pink hued sandy shores and large waves that seek surfers. Ten Bay Beach offers shallow waters and caving options for those seeking adventure on this day. Inland swimming options and marine reserves are also activities we can recommend. 



Sapphire blue surrounds you as you wake up in the exotic famously-known island of Exuma. Coastlines are flawless, and completely exclusive. Many visitors have stated this island to have the clearest waters…in the world and typically will spend the day at the mile-long sand-bar. Enjoy a luxurious day enveloped in perfection from the sand to the waters around you, and perhaps find a few small pigs along the way. 





Shroud Cay

A beautiful, luxurious island in the Bahamas that is extremely private. The perfect way to end this vacation. Swim in the clear water, jet ski or snorkel and enjoy the privacy that surrounds you. 

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