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Caribbean Yacht Charter Experience


Start the luxury experience off with Falmouth Harbour’s modern marina. Explore the variety of beaches this area has to offer, walk on land or bike and enjoy the coves stunning view. Local cuisine has modernized in this area from its historical setting, and continues to grow today. Check out the beach side resorts or explore the town for a more cultural setting.


Luxury cottages on the water, stunning private beaches and lounge spots near the beach with incredible views of the island. Infinity pools and private concierge for each cottage is newly offered by the resorts of Barbuda. Explore the island and get the total VIP spa package or enjoy swimming and lounging in the maximum comforts.




St. Barts

St. Barts has an array of remarkable colors, it stands out immediately and in a short 15 minute walk away you will find the

Anse Du Grand Colombier, complete with full privacy, a lagoon-like ocean with a curve of soft, white sand. Completely untouched and perfect in its quietness. Other options of St. Barts include but are not limited to these recommendations: the bay at St. Jean, a stunning location where many celebrities head to, reefs surround the gentle beach and are close to the main town with nearby 5-star restaurants. Snorkel with turtles at L’Orient or surf at Toiny, known for its barrell waves. Shopping is also highly prevalent here, for those looking to take a leisurely day around town.


Isle Fourche

The island located between Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin, this island is known for its privacy and relaxation. Spend some time swimming in the clear ocean completely amassed in ease and luxury.






Saba brings a little greenery to the experience, with luscious mountains and volcanic activity. Explore the land, or head to the Saba Marine Park, a world renowned dive site famous for its colorful corals, dolphins, shark and turtle clusters and much more. Saba brings a bit of island adventure to the packaged experience. 

St Martin

Festive nightlife, shopping, and high end luxurious restaurants are all found at St. Martin. Lounge high above at the Loterie Farm, an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the island. Surrounded by large pools, and bright sun-kissed greenery, this “farm” comes highly recommended. See the island from a private topside tour, or kayak to Pinel Island. Shop, dine and hike in Marigot. The options are endless. Irrevocable beauty envelopes the island from every corner, a perfect end to wrap up the cruise. Listen to the waves fall away as you enjoy a glass of sweet wine and overlook the vivid hues of the silky sea before you. 


St. Lucia 

The beautiful Marigot Bay in St Lucia, is the perfect way to add to the experience: in total luxury. Opulence is everywhere at this location, complete with cocktail lounges, rum bars, all inclusive spas, botanical gardens, and fine dining restaurants.

Image by Alexis Antonio