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New England Yacht Charter Adventure

Picture white fences, fresh seafood, and timeless beaches, New England is the true nautical paradise of the United States. It’s beauty can only be compared to that of a Hollywood film and typically, many started here. Martha’s Vineyard is a top Hollywood film sight from the 70s and a highlighted must-see. Surrounding the coastline are yacht clubs, family fun and beachside barbecues. Take time to encompass the historical sites of America as well, located through-out the many corners of Newport, Rhode Island, etc. The beach sites portray true bliss as the sun-shine glistens off the deep blue waters, almost as if it were painted in a picture.

New Port, Rhode Island 

Start off the vacation in Newport, also known as the sailing capital of the world. Marvel at the mansions on Bellevue Avenue, discover the history of the city, and take a leisurely walk down the Newport Cliff Walk. Depending on your way of travel, there are many activities to take part in.

We recommend the historic “Breakers” Vanderbilt Mansion located on Ochre Ave. This Neo-Italian Renaissance style is iconic and tells the tale of the Vanderbilt family, well known for the railroad industry.




Block Island

The grasslands, and breathtaking ponds (over 300 are located here) of Block Island are not one to miss. This historical site dates back to the 17th century and offers both leisure and active options. Bike or walk down the small roads, explore the natural wildlife and greenery, seemingly untouched by civilization. A stylish little small town is tucked in its center, with shops and fine restaurants to end your day in leisure with a glass of fine wine. 



Nantucket offers hidden gems and exquisite lighthouses near the water. It is also known for inspiring the famous author Herman Melville to write the accomplished Moby Dick. A historical classic that tells a tale of vengeance toward the sea. Spend your time seeing the famous Whaling museum, have a local clam bake with fresh lobster and oysters, and walk along Madaket or Surfside beach. Enjoy a lovely fine dining and wine tasting experience in town. A glass of red at the elite American Seasons or an evening taste at Epernay Wine & Spirits will do perfectly. 





Martha’s Vineyard

Explore the extravagant Oak Bluff cottages, originally occupied by 19th century methodists for retreats every summer. They’re now Gothic-designs are painted in colorful hues and stand out against the bright chartreuse. The Aquinnah Cliffs are a natural wonder and noted tourist destination for most, take the hike onto the upper trails to get the full landscape view. 

Cape Cod

Massachusetts offers impressive beaches, luxurious waterfront restaurants, outdoor activities and quaint villages. Spend your day at one of the several beachside resorts and lounge in leisure or explore the sights and soak it all in for your last day. Cape Cod is attractive and compact, enjoyable in its private sites. End your day with a sunset view of the Atlantic Ocean, as seabirds fly off in the distance.